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Wasta-Linux: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the more common questions you may have about Wasta-Linux. First, a question and response that lays the foundation for Wasta-Linux:

Why Linux?

One colleague answered the question “Why Linux” concisely using 3 main points. In brief, Linux is:

  • Partner friendly: share with everyone, not only privledged organizations that have corporate license keys
  • Budget friendly: not only does it not have a cost, it will also save support time
  • Customizing friendly: adapt Linux to your use case, rather than having to adapt your usage to the limitations of a locked-down operating system that may not have you in mind as their target user base

Basically it is about freedom (not just “free as in no cost”), which means freedom to customize for our situation and for our specific users (see more below on this topic), freedom for all to use it, and “free from viruses.” * For more on these freedoms, please read the “case study” on our organization’s move from Windows to Linux in NE Africa.

* Yes, eventually there may be Linux viruses, but its design is inherently more secure than Windows which was originally designed for single-user “non-networked” computers. Over the years Windows has applied security fixes in an “ad-hoc fashion” to try to account for today’s always online environment, but many inherent vulnerabilities remain.

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