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Wasta-Resources: Centralized Distribution of Documentation

What is it?

Basically Wasta-Resources is just a standard place in Wasta-Linux to put any read-only reference materials you want, and it also adds a launcher to open to the location in a file browser, so that this location is easy findable by users from the Main Menu.

The location is /usr/share/wasta-resources. Any package can place items here (We would recommend a sub-folder for your region).

For example, the SSG (Sudan group) Wasta-Resources package is called wasta-ssg-resources. It puts a folder called SSG Resources in /usr/share/wasta-resources. Inside this folder are keylists for the various SSG keyman keyboards.

Another example is the wasta-custom-eth package, which creates a symlink in the /usr/share/wasta-resources folder to /usr/share/doc/kmfl-keyboard-sil-ethiopic/readme.htm, so that again users can easily find the keyboard reference for this Keyman keyboard.

In both cases, Wasta-Resources simply provides a central location to place reference files for users. It is unlikely that normal users are going to find the /usr/share/doc/kmfl-keyboard-sil-ethiopic/readme.htm file otherwise!

How do I add materials to Wasta-Resources?

For people wanting to distribute materials this way, it would require you to maintain packages in the Wasta-Linux software repository, which is documented as part of the Wasta-Linux customizing process.

It is really easy for us to initially set up the Wasta-Resources packages, so if you want to work with us offline to give us whatever materials you want to distribute to your users, we can create the firstwasta-xyz-resources package, after which any future modifications to this package will be made directly by you, the regional customizer. Follow this guide to maintain ‘wasta-custom-xyz’ custom packages.